The Proposal

You smile,
The moonlight proves it.
You whisper,
The breeze on my ears tells me.
Your joy,
The beautiful bright day asserts.
Your gloominess,
The rainy day affirms.
Imbued with your beauty,
The flowers bloom.
In your sweet voice,
The birds sing to me!

And mesmerized by that halo of yours,
Of your being who you are,
By that persona in all its true form,
The way as you are.
Here I am,
Fascinated and captivated!

Kudos to you,
For marking this presence,
Even when you aren’t.
For the inspiration you bestow,
Even when you don’t.
For being so special,
And still unaware of it.

Here I stand at your doorstep,
Uninvited, unexpected,
With a pair of open arms,
One that persists,
At times of happiness through hardship,
Of joy through sorrow,
Of success through failure,
In Love,
Now and forever!!

I can feel,
Your hands that you lend,
The warmth on my palms implies.

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