The Journey of Life

Philosophy of Life

This is painted in water color on a paper. I am not sure whether I wrote this article or painted, but this painting is based on the theme of this article (or equivalently, the article explains the painting).

This painting is representation of the ups and downs of human life. The tendency of the liquid to fall and that of fire to rise is representing the rising and falling nature of our life. The contrast between the dark and the bright is metaphor of the good and evil surrounding human life. The water droplet and fire forming a shape of a raised hand depicts our willingness to move forward and aim at the stars. This fore-going nature of human life despite the dark and bright contrast and regardless of the ups and downs is portrayed in this piece of art. I did this painting sometimes in 2005, I believe. I think I have also made similar and different forms of the same painting at different times before and after this. I am unaware of who possesses the a painting at this time, but I would be happy to know that it is preserved. I think of it as being one of the best pieces of paintings I have done so far.

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