The Journey of Life

Philosophy of Life

This is painted in water color on a paper. I am not sure whether I wrote this article or painted, but this painting is based on the theme of this article (or equivalently, the article explains the painting). (more…)

Early Bird Gets the Worm

birds in nest

This is painted with water color on paper. I took the picture of the painting with my camera and had no facility of scanning it at that time. Therefore it looks unfocused and blur. It was painted in 2002. (more…)

Winter on a Thermocol Sheet

winter on a thermocol

I painted this using very few colors on a piece of Thermocol sheet, a piece that came on a packaging box of some device. If I remember it correctly now, it was perhaps the cover of my speakers. (more…)

Painting: The Village


This is one of my latest water color paintings. I had not painted in water colors for a long time after I left Bhopal in 2006. So, I wanted to do a water color painting to hang a picture on the wall of my newly moved apartment. (more…)