This is and is not Shopped! I did this painting in Photoshop, from scratch. Its not modification of a Photo. Here’s the photo that I tried to mimic. (more…)

From the Brain to the Grid


This is the banner of the website of EFRI: COPN project website, Brain2Grid. It is another website I am associated with.   The project is a joint effort of our university, Missouri University of Science & Technology, and Georgia Tech to use biologically inspired neural networks and living neural networks in the optimization and control of modern power system. (more…)

Rangeen Chara, freeSMS and Hello Nepal

Rangeen Chara is one of the websites I am associated with. We provide free SMS service to Nepal and cheap phone calls to Kathmandu land line (as of now) numbers. The following advertisement is designed for the HelloNepal phone service provided by the site.



Rock Star


This was another design for the Woot T-shirt contest. I had received quite a few votes and am happy about it. (more…)