Sketchup: Smart House

This is my other Sketchup design. I designed this for Dr. Saber for one of his publications to demonstrate the use of renewable energy (solar cells on the roof of the house, wind turbine, storage battery, plug-in hybrid vechicle) and the concept of a net zero energy “smart” house.


Here are some other viewpoints of the design: (more…)

Sketchup: 3D Design of a Laptop

I spent some of my free time in Google Sketchup when Sirjana was doing a project for the 3D Mapping of Winona State University for her MIS class. This was some creative work and I really loved Sketchup. So, I installed Sketchup to be able to see her designs, but ended up liking it and spending some time in having fun with it. The following design is one of the best I did in a short period of time.


This is a 3D model of a laptop. I have also attached the 3D model for you to download, if you are interested. Here are snapshots of some of its views. (more…)

Rock Star


This was another design for the Woot T-shirt contest. I had received quite a few votes and am happy about it. (more…)

Travel Light


This is another design I did to participate in the Woot T-shirt contest. It was fun experience. (more…)

Break the Drug Habit


This is another design for a T-Shirt. This is also done in Adobe Illustrator.