3D Modeling: Pasteur Hall


This is my 3D modeling of Pasteur Hall at Winona State University. This is done as part of my design project in MIS class. This was one of the first designs I tried my hands on using Sketchup. Here are other views of the design. (more…)

3D Modeling: Geildmaster Hall


This is Geildmaster Hall’s 3D model. This is another in the series of my MIS class projects. Here are more views of the building. (more…)

3D Modeling: Moorey Hall


This is yet another of my design projects. This is the Moorey Hall at WSU. Here are other views of the building. (more…)

3D Modeling: Phelps Hall


This is my design for my class projects in MIS. I used sketchup to design these buildings. These are models of Winona State University’s college buildings. Here are other views of the design. (more…)

Digital Art: The Beginning

It was summer of 2007, perhaps one of the most creative times I have had so far. I came across some of the fast-forward videos of digital art. That was amazing, and I immediately gave it a try. Here’s what my first painting on the computer looked like finally.

color_girl - Copy

This was done in MS Paint on a laptop, no tablet, no mouse – tapping on the touchpad. That’s a hard thing to do. I will show you here how I started my hand on digital art.  (more…)