Sketchup: Smart House

This is my other Sketchup design. I designed this for Dr. Saber for one of his publications to demonstrate the use of renewable energy (solar cells on the roof of the house, wind turbine, storage battery, plug-in hybrid vechicle) and the concept of a net zero energy “smart” house.


Here are some other viewpoints of the design:Smart house is a concept for reducing emission and promoting use of renewable energy. This picture demonstrates use of renewable energies like solar and wind. However, the house is also connected to the main grid.


The smart house is able to transact power to and from the grid, thus by buying and selling energy, the net energy consumption of the house is zero over a period of time. This is enabled by having storage batteries in the house and the plug-in hybrid vehicle also actiong as a mobile mini power plant. Smart house is thus a component of the smart power grid. Thus these houses help in reducing the carbon footprint.


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