Between my being I,
And your being who you are,
And this sublime unacquaintance of ours,
Silence still reigns.
Between this esoteric mystery of ignorance,
And my prodigious affinity to the anonymity,
Silence still reigns.
Between this cacophony and the hullabaloo,
Of the turmoil from a pebble on the placid water,
Reverberated in the void that enclaves,
You and I,
Amplified by the nihility of the expected,
And yet this hallucination of the unexpected,
Silence still reigns.
The silence which speaks, louder and louder still.
In this haziness and this obscurity,
Silence still reigns.
The silence that speaks, clearer and clearer still.
It hums in my ears,
A sweet melody,
The silence that lingers within.
Between the heart that dreams,
And the mind that thinks,
In this bizarre serenity that exists,
More significant and more powerful,
Silence still reigns…..

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