This is and is not Shopped! I did this painting in Photoshop, from scratch. Its not modification of a Photo. Here’s the photo that I tried to mimic.

Original Imagestumble sometimes and come across wonderful websites. Because of my preferences and “i like it” votes, I get to see some amazing creative stuff online, digital art, Photoshop effects, morphs, and much more. And there’s always a comment that says “Shopped!”. Whether its an amazing snap somebody took right on time, or a digital art, or a trick photography, a design made using some tool other than Photoshop, and even videos, if you can’t do it, its “Shopped” for you. Most of these will be modified, with one or the other software (not necessarily Photoshop alone). But doesn’t “shopped” mean “modified in Photoshop”? Well, not everything you think is “shopped” is really “shopped”.

Creativity is not only about polishing images in Photoshop. So, I would not take it for granted that an amazing image on the internet is always shopped. This one probably is, cause I painted a blank screen into an imitation of a photo of the person I love. She’s the same stranger I posted in one of my previous posts, the one closest to the heart. Stranger no more, shopped (used Photoshop) and not shopped (not modified)!

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