Painting: The Village


This is one of my latest water color paintings. I had not painted in water colors for a long time after I left Bhopal in 2006. So, I wanted to do a water color painting to hang a picture on the wall of my newly moved apartment.I had a hard time finding good colors in Walmart and ended up using some colors that are used by children to learn painting. Surprisingly, it didn’t have black color, and other colors looked dull too. With all these constraints, ┬áthis is the best I could do and I did not spend more than an hour. I know I haven’t done justice to the picture. But well, I was limited on resources and been lazier than usual.

The picture brings back memories from the Terai, the “bayalgadha” (the bullock carts), the typical squeaking sound that the wheels make, and the experience of riding the cart. The bumpy as well as┬ámonotonous swing with the animals movement – it becomes nostalgic when I think about it. Riding from the houses deep into the villages, to collect haystack, or firewood or for harvesting, and the “driver” sitting on a small area of “driving seat” with a huge pile of haystack used to be common scene. Perhaps, I am recollecting those childhood memories in this painting. The sunrise/sunset backdrop signifies early mornings and late evenings to and from the work and/or village. A typical village in the eastern plains of Nepal.

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