King Khan and Big B

Amithabh Shahrukh

Excuse me, I am not a fan! There’s interesting story behind these few pencil arts, one of the finest of my creations. I am going to upload these few monochrome pencil sketches and also tell you the story.

I did these sketches in Noida, India during Oct-Nov 2006. I was working in Birlasoft Limited and posted in Gurgaon. I commuted everyday from Noida, through Delhi, to Gurgaon, a two hour bus ride. Umm.. I guess I am going to skip the rest of the story for another post and another sketch. By the way, I pulled this picture out of a Sunday episode of the Times of India newspaper. The duo on the picture are supposed to be Shahrukh Khan (King Khan) and Amithabh Bachchan (Big B), the famous actors in Bollywood.

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