From the Brain to the Grid


This is the banner of the website of EFRI: COPN project website, Brain2Grid. It is another website I am associated with.   The project is a joint effort of our university, Missouri University of Science & Technology, and Georgia Tech to use biologically inspired neural networks and living neural networks in the optimization and control of modern power system.

Real Time Power and Intelligent Systems (RTPIS) Lab at Missouri S&T does power system simulations on its real-time digital simulatros (RTDS). The Neuroengineering lab at Georgia Tech uses living neurons from the rat cortex cultured on a culture dish to use as living neural networks. Electrical signals are fed to these neurons and their response to these signals are recorded. Thus they are “trained” for certain power system dynamics, in order to take suitable control actions in real-time. The two campuses share information through a high-speed internet 2 link. More about the project here.

Ah, I was supposed to talk about the design and not the project ;). Yes, it is designed in Photoshop. The cultured dish on the hand is connected to the grid at one end, which is then connected to the wind farms on the other end. The brain at one end and the power system on the other represents the title of the website, Brain2Grid. This is a symbolic representation of use of living neural networks for controlling the modern power system, which is the basic goal of the EFRI:COPN project.

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