Email to Image Conversion for Spam Protection (bonus: API)

There are bots spread over the internet that crawl websites for email addresses for either “mailto:” tags or for [] pattern. There are enough email addresses on the internet openly written on the websites and are most likely to be picked up by spammers. You have, at some point in time, wondered looking at the number of junk emails that you get everyday, where they get your email address from, haven’t you? Well, there are a number of ways “they” get your (mine, too) email address for spamming. Visit:

  • 1. You signed up for something on some website and they had a “legal contract” with you saying they will share it with their “partners”.
  • 2. Some softwares auto-generate random email addresses and yours happened to be one of such common ones that a software could guess.
  • 3. You left your email address “open” (read naked) on the internet for bots to read.

Well, I may not have solution to the first two, but today I am presenting you with a solution for the third point. This small form below will let you submit an email address, choose a foreground color, a background color and a border color and generate an image (and a URL) for you to use on the internet. Crawlers will not be able to “read” your email address from the image. That will save you from a number of extra spam emails.

For the developers, I am also providing a way to use this service for creating images of email address on the fly for using on your websites. You can use this API to convert any email address on your website into an image. This will save you a lot of extra-coding and save your customers’ email addresses from spam. Any feedback appreciated.

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