Digital Art: The Beginning

It was summer of 2007, perhaps one of the most creative times I have had so far. I came across some of the fast-forward videos of digital art. That was amazing, and I immediately gave it a try. Here’s what my first painting on the computer looked like finally.

color_girl - Copy

This was done in MS Paint on a laptop, no tablet, no mouse – tapping on the touchpad. That’s a hard thing to do. I will show you here how I started my hand on digital art. Here is the first thing I did to see whether I will be able to do anything with the touchpad in MS Paint. These are some of the images I saved in the process.


Here’s what it looked like after I put some colors in it.


I was comfortable on the touchpad and hence wanted to give a try on something more interesting. So I picked up a nice photo of a stranger (who is now the closest person in my life). Here’s how it looked like to start with.


More hours spent on moving things around and putting shades. Here’s what it looked like after few hours. I do not exactly remember now, how many precious hours I had used. But it was a fair amount of time spanning over a week or so. Of course, I could not finish it up in one sitting as I was also doing some “summer job” at that time.


This is a little better in monochrome. Then I put colors to it and tried to get shades in many different ways because if you are familiar with MS Paint, you probably know it is far from friendly for such paintings. But people do wonderful paintings in MS Paint. You will find quite a few if you search in YouTube. Well, creativity has no limits, no boundaries. Yeah, that is exactly what “creationsurplus”  is all about. 😉

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